Wawau Adler
 Back To The Roots

Wauwau Adler: Back To The Roots

Wawau Adler (g)
Holzmano Lagrene (g)
Joel Locher (b)
Andreas Wäldele (v #4,8,11)
Marcel Löffler (akkordeon #2,6,7,10)

01. Django`s Tiger
02. Je suis seul ce soir
03. I'll see you in my dreams
04. Minor Swing
05. Si tu savais
06. Djangology
07. Swing Valse
08. Coquette
09. All the things you are
10. Cherokee
11. How high the moon
12. Wawau Solo Nr. 1

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Josef „Wawau“ Adler was born in Karlsruhe on 25.01.1967.
As a child already, he took on the guitar. With exceptional musical talent – like most Sintis – he taught himself to play. By the time he was 14, he had Django Reinhardt’s style down to perfection.

After years of an experimental fusion of various styles and techniques influenced by Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, George Benson and most of all saxophonist Charlie Parker, Wawau Adler returned to his musical roots.

With their original interpretation of Django Reinhardt’s music – played with cool wit and incredible virtuosity – Wawau Adler (sologuitar) with his amazing band (Holzmano Lagrene (g), Joel Locher (b), Andreas Waeldele (viol) and as Special Guest Marcel Loeffler (acc) from Strassbourg) created a masterpiece.

Wawau Adler is held in such high esteem that renowned Dutch guitar maker Leo Eimers presented him with an instrument that he has specifically designed for him. Eimers’ guitars are played by such celebrated musicians as the Rosenberg Trio or Bireli Lagrene.

The band:
Holzmano Lagrene works as a rhythm guitarist with Bireli Lagrene.
Joel Locher plays the base for Ellen and Bernd Marquart.
Andreas Waeldele from Weil am Rhein is a member of the Swiss Klezmer formation "Baith Jaffe" and also plays with the Sinti ensemble "The Rigo Reinhardt Family".
Marcel Loeffler, Accordeon, from Strassbuorg has been working with Bireli Lagrene and Mandino Reinhardt for years.

Release Date: March 10, 2006
More info: www.wawau-adler.com

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SDP 1052-1
Back To The Roots Volume 2