Wawau Adler
 Back To The Roots Volume 2

Wawau Adler: Back To The Roots Volume 2

Wawau Adler (Gitarre)
Costel Nitescu (Violine)
Marcel Loeffler (Akkordeon)
Holzmano Winterstein (Rhythmusgitarre)
Joel Locher (Bass)

01. Yardbird Suite
02. Blues En Mineur
03. Lover Man
04. The Days Of Wine And Roses
05. June Night
06. For Holzmano
07. Black Orpheus
08. People
09. Speak Softly Love
10. Danse Norvegienne
11. The Lady Is A Tramp
12. Manoir De Mes Reves

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Wawau Adler - Back To The Roots Volume 2

Josef "Wawau" Adler was born on 25th January 1967 in Karlsruhe, Germany.
He comes from a musical family. Both his uncle and his grandfather played the harp in operetta orchestras. At the age of nine Wawau started to learn the guitar. Basically, he is a self-taught guitarist and he studied the recordings of Django Rheinhardt over and over again. At the age of thirteen he was ready to play his first concert.

The tradition of Django Reinhardt and the Swing Manouche is very important to him, and so is the influence of modern jazz. He loves Charlie Parker, Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino. Although a fascinating virtuoso, Wawau believes that there are other things that count apart from technique and speed. To him, the music of the Sinti and Manouche possesses energy and fire, but he also wishes to express melancholy, nostalgia and elegance with his guitar playing.

The high esteem Wawau Adler already enjoys is shown by the fact that the Dutch guitar maker Leo Eimer presented him with an instrument he built especially for him. Other artists who play Eimers’ guitars are e.g. the world-famous Rosenberg Trio and Bireli Lagrene.

As a leader Wawau Adler works with different ensembles. In addition to playing with his trusted rhythm section, Holzmano Winterstein, rhg, and Joel Locher, b, he frequently performs with the magnificent accordionist Marcel Loeffler. They are perfect musical partners, which can be heard on Wawau’s CDs "Wawau Adler - Back To The Roots" and "Wawau Adler - Back To The Roots Vol. 2 ". For the first time on this new album a special guest plays a view pieces together with Wawau: the great Romanian violinist Costel Nitescu whose style of playing and elegance are reminiscent of Stephane Grappelli.

After the first CD „Back to the roots“ published in 2006 already attracted a lot of attention in “Django circles“, not only here in Germany, but also in France and America, the successor disc shall be another big step in his career. This new CD, too, shall this year be published in the USA, where Wawau is expected to perform at various festivals.

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