Patrick Tompert Trio
Strollin‘ with O.P.

CD - Patrick Tompert Trio: Strollin‘ with O.P.

Patrick Tompert  (p)
German Klaiber  (b)
Elmar Frey  (dr)

01 There is no greater love
02 Waltz for Erik
03 K'pawlren
04 Corrientes
05 Cakewalk
06 Over the rainbow
07 San Martin
08 Strollin‘ with O.P.
09 Wiegenlied

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PATRICK TOMPERT TRIO  - „Strollin‘ with O.P.“

After a lengthy hiatus, Patrick Tompert, virtuoso pianist from Stuttgart, has issued his fourth trio album, presenting a new line-up with German Klaiber on bass and Swiss drummer Elmar Frey. Tompert's first three discs - Hallelujah Time (SDP1020-1)Live (SDP1029-1) and Moche!(SDP1035-1)  appeared between 1997 and 2001.  Next up, there was a quartet production entitled Sorry, it’s Jazz (SDP1040-1)  and a duo album with bass player Davide Petrocca  Getting Closer (SDP1053-1). As on his previous albums, Patrick Tompert once again gives us a mixture of original compositions and covers of other artists' works. His love for jazz giant Oscar Peterson figures quite prominently in the title of the new album - Strollin' with O.P.

Once more, Tompert has delivered a powerfully swinging piece of work, which is likely to make piano jazz aficionados click their tongues. Performed with virtuosity, rich in harmonies, and always tasteful and with an elegant sense of aesthetics - simply captivating!

Patrick Tompert – Piano
German Klaiber – Bass
Elmar Frey – Drums

English translation: Jochen "Schrank" Haug

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SDP 1066-1
Medienvertrieb Heinzelmann GmbH