Patrick Tompert & Davide Petrocca
 Getting Closer

Patrick Tompert, Davide Petrocca: Getting Closer

Patrick Tompert (p)
Davide Petrocca (b)

01. Isn't she lovely
02. Estate
03. Getting Closer
04. Take the A-Train
05. Angel Eyes
06. You and the night and the music
07. If there's someone lovelier than you
08. Mirage
09. Quando m`en vo
10.Dein ist mein ganzes Herz

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Patrick Tompert, Davide Petrocca: Getting Closer

The Stuttgart piano virtuoso Patrick Tompert has recorded a duo CD with his bassist Davide Petrocca, who for some time now has also been working with Monty Alexander. This rare combination follows the tradition of the legendary bass-piano duos such as Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton or Oscar Peterson and Ray Brown.

The two musicians on the one hand produce a firework display of virtuosity, and on the other hand they are masters of the calm and soft sounds, too. An immensly varied repertoire turns this CD into a real treat – warhorses of the American Songbook such as „Take the A-Train“ and „Angel Eyes“ are interpreted in their own, very special arrangements. But also lesser known pieces as well as a composition by the pianist contribute to the overall concept of the CD. Even classical compositions – Puccini’s „Quando m’en vo“ - or Franz Lehar’s „Dein ist mein ganzes Herz“ are turned into jazzy jewels with Patrick Tompert. A solo bass piece – „You and the night and the music“, not least shows what a brilliant musician the bassist Davide Petrocca is. In the opening number „Isn’t she lovely“ by Stevie Wonder, Patrick Tompert gives a gripping virtuoso display of all the things one can get out of a grand piano.

Liner Notes:
“Playing without a drummer puts additional responsibility onto Tompert and Petrocca. Keeping everything moving along can be hard without the 'flywheel' effect of a good drummer. But these two don't need one. Their interplay is amazing. They do not `drop a stitch´. Tompert is a remarkable pianist, who swings, as well as possessing an awesome technique. These two qualities do not always go together. Petrocca is always listening to what is going on, has a great sound, superb time, and swings like crazy. A great selection of tunes make this CD a joy to listen to, as well as demonstrating that European jazz musicians can 'cut' it with the finest and best. I wish I was playing drums on this CD with these guys!”

Martin Drew, Percussionist of the Oscar Peterson Trio for many years

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